Some Environmental Tips

More Environmental Tips in our daily life.

1、A button battery can pollute 600,000 cubic meters of water, which is equivalent to the amount of water used by a person in his lifetime. One No. 5 battery will make 1 square meter of land permanently lose its planting value. Dry batteries, button batteries, and rechargeable batteries contain mercury, lead, cadmium, acid, and alkaline substances, if casually discarded in nature, when the outer layer of metal corrosion, these substances will slowly leak out, seep into the soil, with rainwater seepage into the groundwater, into the rivers, lakes, and seas to form pollution.


2、Shopping with eco-friendly bags, buying vegetables with vegetable baskets, avoiding using  plastic bags and disposable products, choosing biodegradable products, and reducing white pollution.


3、Separate garbage without littering, in the garbage, about 50% is biological organic matter, and about 30%-40% has recyclable value.


4、Use only phosphorus-free detergent.


5、Raise flowers and grass indoors, which can reduce the bacteria and microorganisms in the air and beautify the living room.


6、The use of “green appliances” can reduce radiation and noise pollution.


7、Use handkerchiefs instead of napkins, energy-saving, and environmental protecti


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