Watersoluble PVA Seed Tape


  1. Environmental protection.
  2. Water solubility.
  3. Barrier property.
  4. Anti-static characteristic.
  5. Printing performance.
  6. Strength and weatherability.
  7. Oil and other organic solvent resistance.

PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) Water soluble film is a most successful of the development of green environmental protection material, has excellent water solubility and great barrier property, is able to dissolve in different water temperatures and at different dissolution rate.

Main material included polyvinyl alcohol, starch, glycerin, surfactant,plasticizer, etc. It has access to domestic and foreign environmental protection authorities and well-accepted by widely using in packing.



  1. Environmental protection.
    Water solubility.
    Barrier property.
    Anti-static characteristic.
    Printing performance.
    Strength and weatherability.
    Oil and other organic solvent resistance.


The advantage of using water soluble bags

  1. Improve the working environment to be clean and tidy;
  2. Reduce the cost of labor and cleaning;
  3. Keep secret of dyeing formula;
  4. Increase production efficiency by simplifying the process;
  5. Suitable for automatic operation process.



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