Biodegradable Tableware Set Disposable Straw

Feature:Biodegradable Compostable Within 180 Day
Raw Material: Plant Based , PLA & PBAT
Dinnerware Type:Disposable
Color: Customized Color
Application: Daily life disposable Using
Sample: Free Cost Sample Available

Biodegradable product is made from cornstarch-based PLA/PBAT material, it can be degraded or decomposed chemically, biologically, or physically by the action of microorganisms. such as bacteria, fungi, algae, and other naturally occurring microorganisms, or enzymes in plants and animals. The products made of biodegradable plastics are non-toxic and do not damage the ecological environment.


Product Features

1, Eco-friendly, made from cornstarch or sugarcane, fully biodegradable and compostable, from nature and back to nature.

2, Safe and Healthy, food-grade material, cut-resistant edge, certificated OK Compost Home&Industrial, SEEDING, AND BRC.

3, Firm and strong, it is microwaveable and refrigerator safe without deformation.

4, Oil and waterproof, excellent in both heat and cold tolerance, 120℃ oil proof and 100℃ waterproof, no leakage.


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